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Dec 7, 2011 11:00pm PST
continues from dallas, texas. are the san francisco giants bringing back carlos beltran? jamie tion, right after the break. tha tquestiqu, right the break. , >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. a general manager's job is never done at the winter meetings. but they hope their long work hours will mean a trip to the postseason. the giants trade with the mets for andrew pagan is now official. the giants get an outfielder with speed and ability to steal bases. the mets get andress torres and ramon ramirez. we have details on two more players. >> the giants made the trade on tuesday. it became official on wednesday. and general manager, brian sabian, telling the media, they maxed out their $130 million payroll for next season. what does that mean? what means carlos beltran and cody ross will not be returning to san francisco. saying that ross and the giants were never really on the same page. and beltran would have been a long shot. that leaves just one decision. whether to tender jeff keppinger and fontenot. the giants are on the verge of resigning giguere. >> be sure to join us tomorrow. we'll
Dec 28, 2011 11:00pm PST
, mothers gathered in san jose and it ñ breast-feedináp publicly. they areÑi upset that a texas m was hasselled p/t nursing a baby while christmas shopping. theyj awareness aboutjfÑi breast-feed in public. >> most other times peopleñr te to be xdsupportive. california is a progressive state, but it happened to other peop'-@%ejju andfá want toÑilp my support and help other women know they are doing the rightzvi thing. >> mothers are welcome to breast-feed in public areas without being made to feel çóxd uncomfortable. >> a new study showed a controversial drug can also benefitÑi womenxd suffering for ovarian cancer.i] ev. they can stabilize the tumors and prevent them from being worse. they haveÑiokq approved th%p dd controversial. they withdrew the approval for best cancer sparking emotionalç outrage. >>c infections are on the rise. >> our aging population and the increasing use ofc antibiotics created the perfectçó storm. people get sicker faster and thi illnesses are more serious and even deadly. >> tonight's indepth report on the supert( bugu ask what you 4x[know to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2